Quality care and support for people with Cerebral Palsy

Residential Care

The accommodation has been rebuilt over recent years and everyone is living in quality, spacious and personalised accommodation. There are a number of self-contained bungalows, three, four or five people live together, all have single rooms and a majority have en-suites. There is an additional bathroom in each bungalow as well as a kitchen, lounge and dining area.

The residents at Lincolnshire House are encouraged to participate in decisions which affect the philosophy of Lincolnshire House. Residents have responsibilities on the executive council, currently a resident is Chairperson, on the fund raising committee, residents and activities committees, and the residents are also involved when new staff are selected.

Residents are funded by local authorities, and placements are considered from all parts of the UK. If you are interested in the services provided by Lincolnshire House please contact Belinda Parrington or Ria Wilkinson, Assistant Manager on 01724 844168 who will be happy to provide further information with a brochure, user guide and our statement of purpose.

Residential placements can only be offered after an assessment and funding are agreed.

The fees are reviewed annually. If needs change at any time an assessment is completed and a fee increase may be necessary. When Lincolnshire House is unable to respond to a request for a residential care placement, the person will be added to a waiting list which is reviewed annually.

Everyone who lives at Lincolnshire House is provided with a fully comprehensive care plan with input from family/advocate and key worker, all of which helps the staff to meet the care and social needs of the residents. A key worker system is in place to ensure the residents have an advocate to help them achieve their personal objectives.