Quality care and support for people with Cerebral Palsy

Independent Living

Lincolnshire House has two flats on site which are used for training towards further independent living. Each flat is self-contained; they include a bedroom, lounge, kitchen, and bathroom. The purpose of the flats is to give the opportunity for residents to gain self-help skills, self-esteem, and the skills to move onto a more independent lifestyle.

Residents will have an agreed programme which they will decide together with Lincolnshire House and their sponsoring local authority. Some residents may take six months, others up to one year to acquire the skills and confidence to be able to manage their lives more independently. Residents have money in the budget to buy their own food and household goods, be responsible for arranging transport, ordering medication and will be in control of their home.

At the completion of training, residents will choose to live by themselves with a tenancy in a small group or they may decide they would like the option of living in residential care at Lincolnshire House (providing a place is available), the choice is theirs!