Resident's Comments


Tracy Weldon - Resident

I have lived at Lincolnshire House since May 2012 and have made lots of new friends and the staff are very nice. I like to go to the activites centre everyday and enjoy going on the days out.



Rebecca Burkitt - Resident

I enjoy everything about living at Lincolnshire House. I have lots of friends and enjoy going on out on trips. I am also in the wheelchair football team and enjoy playing every Friday.  I have been to Butlins for a long weekend recently and I am hoping to go aboard next year.


Peter Bromley - Resident

I like Lincolnshire House  because there is something new to do every day. I like trains and we have nice parties and entertainment throughout the year.


Nicos Sofroniou - Resident

At the moment things are a bit chaotic as we have only just moved in but in a few weeks things will have settled down and it will be a lot better. I now have better facilities in my new bungalow (Fox View) and I am enjoying decorating and accessorising my home. David and I have been out a few times with our key workers to choose items for our bedrooms, lounge and kitchen. I am very happy in my new home.


Brendan Taylor - Resident

It is fourty years since I came to Lincolnshire House in Sunny Scunny. At the time I did not know how being here was going to play on thee positive shaping of my life as an individual. Being here has made me become more independent and has given me the confidence to make my own personal decisions.

There has been a lot of changes over fourty years: starting at the beginning, for the first fifteen years, the philosophy of care was different in those days to what it is now. In what way? Well a long time ago the individuals who live here were not allowed to make their own decisions.

The late eighties it was all change when we became Lincolnshire House Association. In 1990 a building project which started in the grounds of the home and lasted for eleven years, resulting in seven bungalows being built. The changes go on, currently we are looking for land to build on.

What makes us unique from other care homes, well there are a lot of things but i would say one of the main things is identity.


Ian Zakrzewski

I came to live at Lincolnshire House in October 2006, I used to live with my mother in Scunthorpe. I have been coming to Lincolnshire House for many years as a daily.

I enjoy living at Lincolnshire House, the staff are very friendly. I like going on holidays with my friends, my  favourite places to go are Eastbourne, Torquay and Cleethorpes. i also like going out for meals, i enjoy playing dominoes and discos.

I have my own bedroom and I am independent, we have just had a new kitchen built in our bungalow which is very nice.


Steven Hill 

I like the staff because they are nice and friendly, I especially like the activities manager, Eddie. I have been to the garden centre for dinner and I go bowling with the activities staff. I really like to play dominoes and triominoes. I also like to take part in green bowling, I join in with most activities.

 I have recently moved into Lincolnshire House after coming for day care and respite for many years. My key worker, Mandy and other staff organised a surprise for me when I moved in by decorating my room with my favourite football team, Liverpool. 


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